Dr. Kenneth Wapnick (1942-2013)

Dr. Kenneth Wapnick

Forty years after the publication of A Course in Miracles, Dr. Kenneth Wapnick is widely regarded as its foremost teacher and prime authority.

Dr. Wapnick's background in psychology and spirituality led to his introduction to Dr. Helen Schucman in 1972. The following year, Kenneth began working closely with both Helen and her collaborator in the scribing, Dr. William Thetford, noting afterwards that it was no accident the three people closest to the Course were all psychologists. "When I saw the Course and began reading it, I realized it was the perfect way to use all my background and skills. ...the perfect way of integrating both psychology and spirituality. ...and I knew that this was my life’s work" (Interview with Miracles Network, U.K.).

Kenneth and Helen shared a deep friendship with each other, and a mutual love for Jesus. Together, they edited the Course and readied it for publication. Helen knew Kenneth would "ensure that the Course's message would be treated with fidelity, and that its life in the world would be a dignified and loving one" (Absence From Felicity, 1st ed., p.416). To that end, Kenneth and his wife, Gloria, formed the Foundation for A Course in Miracles in 1983 as an academy of learning for students of the Course.

From that time, Dr. Wapnick built a foundation of teachings that serves as a bedrock for Course students around the world. Before his death in 2013, he wrote more than 30 books, including Helen's biography, both the glossary and concordance of A Course in Miracles, as well as a comprehensive teaching series that takes students on a symphonic journey through the text, workbook, and teacher's manual. Additionally, the Foundation has produced close to 200 audio and video recordings of his classes and lectures. These books and lectures contain an intellectual, psychological, and spiritual depth that will assist students throughout their lifelong study of A Course in Miracles.